An exhibition of new works by emerging artist Jess Crawford.

Crystal Brook based emerging artist Jess Crawford loves to brighten the way wherever she can. While the benefits of Art, Health and Wellbeing are well documented; for Jess Crawford they go hand in hand, having worked as a nurse before turning her talents to painting. Crawford has openly and courageously documented her recovery from depression through art. Within her studio and creative design practice, ART BRIGHTENS THE WAY, Crawford designs products inspired by her art work so that viewers and clients alike can feel joy with them wherever they go. Crawford’s artwork brings brightness and light to the world with vibrant colours and imagery, as she continues on her journey to recovery she shares what she learns to help others.

“It is so important to see the beautiful colour in life that surrounds you and to feel that joy in your heart when you see it!”
Crawford 2020

Open 9-5pm Monday to Friday until November the 6th