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Application To Exhibit  

Please note the gallery is fully booked until 2022.

General information for exhibiting at Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery

Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery strongly encourages proposals from emerging, mid-career and established artists for solo or group shows, in addition to community arts groups; in all art forms including but not limited to: visual arts, sculpture, craft, design, digital media, performance, installation/site-specific works and cultural heritage that display innovative ideas and approaches to contemporary arts practice. Submitting a proposal is no guarantee of acceptance.

Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery respectfully acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of the nation. We recognise First Nations people as the sovereign custodians of the lands in which we live and work on.

Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery encourages applications from culturally diverse backgrounds and
practitioners working regionally, interstate and internationally. If you experience barriers to meeting the requirements of our application process, please contact us directly via email to discuss this further. We are prepared to cater for alternative means of applying for our exhibition program.

Applications are accepted all year round and assessed once a year for the following year’s exhibition period. A gallery program panel will consider all applications received. All applicants will be advised in writing as to the outcome within 60 days of receiving the application. The Gallery receives a large number of exhibition applications each round, unfortunately not all applications can be accommodated. Similarly due to wider Gallery programming not all space or date preferences will necessarily be offered to successful applicants.

Cover sheet

  • Applicant’s name and contact details (phone, postal and email address)
  • Name of curator/s
  • Name of participating artists, designers, architects, writers, etc
  • Synopsis of the curatorial theme or rationale (250 words)
  • Exhibition title
  • Brief summary of the exhibition (250 words)
  • Preferred exhibition dates.

Exhibition Curatorial Rationale (max 1000 words)

  • Please ensure you have addressed the exhibition criteria in your rationale.

First Paragraph

Begin with an overview paragraph that makes a clear and concise statement about your work. Support that statement, telling the reader more about your goals and aspirations. This paragraph should be broad in scope. Specifics will come next.

  • Second Paragraph

Point out themes in your work or discuss experiences that have influenced your work. Discuss research and influential artists that you reference in your artwork. How do you make decisions in the course of your work? Why you use the materials/techniques and tools that you do. Go into detail (offer a specific example).

  • Third Paragraph

Tell the reader a little more about your current work. How it grew out of prior work or life experiences. What are you exploring, attempting, challenging by doing this work. Justify your selection, arrangement and the exhibition of artworks “within a designated space” (curatorial methodologies). Reflect on how your exhibition conveys an understanding of the relationship between the artworks and the viewer. Finally, sum up the most important points made throughout previous paragraphs.

Some helpful links

Installation description (max 500 words)

  • How many art works?
  • What sort of artworks? 2D, 3D, installation
  • materials paintings, clay, glass, found objects.
  • How do you propose to display the artworks?
  • Do they have large D rings on the paintings?
  • Are they framed?

Support Material- The support material should include:

  • One page artist CV for each artist exhibiting
  • Artist statement for each artist exhibiting (max 300 words)
  • Artist biography for each artist exhibiting for each artist exhibiting (max 300 words)
  • Confirmation that those named have agreed to participate. ie emails of confirmation.
  • Curriculum vitae for participating curator/s, artist/s, designer/s, architect/s and writer/s
  • 10 images for a solo show, maximum 20 images for a group show. Images should be high resolution digital .jpg file or .tiff file at least 300 dpi provided on USB or cloud storage facility.
  • Audio-visual material must be a maximum duration 10 mins
  • Examples of published texts by writers involved in your project.
  • List of all support material with name, title, date, medium and dimensions and ensure all support material is labelled.

Budget (See template).coming soon

  • Itemised income (indicating sources of cash funds and in-kind contributions)
  • Itemised expenditure.

Education / Public Program (See Template)

  • Brief overview of the any exhibition collateral material (i.e. catalogue, website, learning resources etc.) that you intend to publish (150 words)
  • Summary of related events: guest lectures, residencies, artist talks, workshops, etc. that you intend to develop (150 words)
  • NB: the proposal and support material can all be submitted on a USB or similar memory device, with a covering letter itemising the contents of the submission.
  • Support material will not be returned at the conclusion of the selection process.

Priority will be given to proposals that:

  • Demonstrate a research based curatorial premise with a focus on experimental and innovative practice in art, architecture and/or design that involves a high level of community engagement.
  • Demonstrated well considered public education program of events and activities
  • Demonstrate well considered project management and financing.

Hire Fees

  • $700 per exhibition (including GST).
  • Hire fee includes the hire of the space at commercial rates, staff for launch event, online marketing and advertising campaign.
  • Port PIrie Regional Gallery will provide staff and volunteers to serve drinks and refreshments at the exhibition opening.
  • Artists are responsible for all associated costs and organisation of catering and alcohol in consultation with the Gallery and Cultural Arts Coordinator.


  • Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery takes 25% commission on all artworks sold during the course of the exhibition
  • Port PIrie Regional Gallery will administer all gallery sales and facilitate payment on behalf of the artist. More info below.


  • Feature window with natural light
  • Professional hanging track hanging system
  • Ceiling-mounted lighting track system
  • Movable plinths

The Port PIrie Regional Gallery is located within the Port Pirie Regional Tourism & Arts Centre
3 Mary Ellie Street,
Port Pirie, 5540.
The Port PIrie Regional Gallery is open every day except Good Friday and Christmas Day.
Opening hours:
Weekdays 9am to 5pm;
Weekends & Public Holidays 11am to 3pm.

Admission to the Gallery is free and there are approx. 300 visitors per week to the Gallery and the Visitors Information Centre.

Gallery Capacity & Equipment

  • Vivienne Crisp Gallery – 21 linear metres & 80m2 of floor area,
  • Flinders Gallery – 31 linear metres & 80m2 of floor area
  • Two movable walls – 12 linear metres total
  • Floor-Concrete floor with Pirelli industrial floor covering
  • Walls-Concrete block and rendered plasterboard painted white of variable height with 3.0m hanging height.
  • Hanging System- “H” tracking system with adjustable clear nylon line suspension design with adjustable hooks. Each hook and hanger set can take weight up to 14kg.
  • Display equipment
    Six (6) large and six (6) small plinths available for display.
  • Lighting
    Halogen and LED adjustable spotlights and washes.
  • Power
    Wall mounted and floor inserted power outlets.
  • Temperature control (Currently under maintenance)
    Class A or Class B
    Class A – 24 hour stable temperature at 22℃ +/- 1℃ and humidity at 55% +/- 5%.Class B – opening hours only at 24℃.
  • Security
  • Monitored by door and motion sensors are linked to a centrally monitored on-line security          system and 24 hour surveillance cameras.

The exhibitor must provide a copy of a current certificate of Public Liability Insurance Certificate to the Gallery & Cultural Arts Coordinator not less than 2 months prior to the start date of the exhibition.

If you don’t have insurance please contact

Phone: +61 8 8410 1822,
Postal Address
PO BOX 8067 Station Arcade,
Adelaide, SA, 5000

Insurance For Artists

  • While all due care will be taken with supplied items, the Port Pirie Regional Gallery and Port Pirie regional Council takes no responsibility for theft or damage to exhibitor’s works during the exhibition or during transit to and from the Gallery.
  • All Exhibitors and art suppliers are responsible for their own insurance cover of their exhibition content while on display at the Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery and in transit.
  • Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery, under Port Pirie Regional Council holds General Public Liability Insurance to the value of $10,000,000.


During the period of exhibition changeover, for de-installation of the current exhibition and installation of the next exhibition, the Gallery is closed to the public.The Gallery & Cultural Arts Coordinator will coordinate the installation and reserves the right to make final curatorial decision on all exhibitions and refuse to display work that is deemed to be offensive, non- inclusive, illegal, may give rise to litigation, unsuitable due to health and safety reasons, or public risk.

  • Exhibition changeover is to take place in normal staff working hours.
  • Each installation will:
  • maintain the aesthetic standard of the Gallery
  • Use best practice gallery and industry standards

Condition Reporting

  • An electronic listing of works (MS Word preferred without any formatting) is to be provided at least 4 weeks prior to the exhibition.
  • All artwork will be checked upon receipt of the exhibition.
  • Any obvious aberrant conditions evident in the artworks will be noted and referred to the Exhibitor/s for comment.
  • Works will be monitored for condition changes while on exhibition.
  • The Exhibitor(s) is/are responsible for all freight costs associated with the exhibition


  • All works must be ready to install.
  • All two-dimensional works must be appropriately framed (a stretched canvas is considered framed) and should have D clips attached on the back of the work on each vertical side of the frame.
  • No changes are to be made to fixed structures, no nails or hooks are to be used.
  • Cost related to any damage will be charged to the exhibitor.
  • All works must be clearly identified with the following details attached to the (back of) the work:.
    1. Artist name
    2. Title
    3. Date
    4. Medium
    5. Dimensions

Copyright & Documentation of Work.

  • Copyright of all work remains with the artist.
  • The Gallery reserves the right to document the works and maintain a slide/photographic file for publicity and information purposes.
  • Photography by the general public will not be permitted unless by arrangement with the Exhibitor/s.

Sale of Artwork

  • The Gallery will be the sole agent for the sale of works from an exhibition in the Gallery.
    Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery charges 25% commission (GST inclusive) on the sale price of all works sold during the exhibition.
  • All payments for work are to be made to the Gallery, which will remit the receipts of sales, after deduction of commissions and GST, to the Exhibitor/s approximately 28 days after the conclusion of an exhibition.
  • Any deposits paid for uncollected works will be remitted to the exhibitor after a deduction of commission and GST.
  • The Exhibitor/s is/are responsible for any further transactions concerning such pieces.
  • Buyers are to collect works within five working days of the conclusion of an exhibition. Any works not collected within this time are to be collected by the Exhibitor/s within ten (10) working days of notification by the Gallery.

Goods & Services Tax

  • Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery under the Port Pirie Regional Council is a GST Registered organisation
  • The Exhibitor/s must complete a Statement by Supplier indicating their GST status on signing of the contract.
  • In the event a GST Statement of Supplier is not completed, the Gallery is obliged to withhold 47.5% tax on any sales on behalf of the Australian Taxation Office.

Contract to Exhibit

  • All applications should be made on the Application to Exhibit form available from the Gallery.
    The applicant will be advised within 10 weeks of the application being received, as to whether the application has been accepted.
  • The Contract to Exhibit must be signed by the Exhibitor/s and the Gallery Director and the exhibition fee paid, no less than 12 months prior to the exhibition start date.
  • On signing of the contract, a copy of the current CV and at least one current image is to be supplied by exhibitor to provide information for promotion purposes.
  • The Exhibitor/s must provide up to six images for individual applicants and two (2) images per artist for group applicants for invitations and publicity not less than six (6) months before the opening date of the exhibition. Images should be high resolution digital .jpg file or .tiff file at least 300 dpi provided on USB or emailed via a cloud storage app i.e. Dropbox or We Transfer.
  • It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor/s to insure work/s whilst on display in the Gallery. Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery & Port Pirie Regional Council takes takes no responsibility for theft or damage to exhibitor’s works during the exhibition or during transit to and from the Gallery.
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