April Deadlines 

City of Wanneroo Community Art Awards WA Deadline 5 April
Marketing and Communications Manager, ICE NSW Deadline 8 April
Individuals Fund Arts Queensland QLD Deadline 12 April
Milparanga Australia Council Scholarship 18 April
Grafton Regional Gallery 2019 Artist in Residence Program NSW Deadline 19 April
The Clare Art Show SA Deadline 26 April
Marketing, Administration and Development Coordinator, Sawtooth TAS Deadline 26 April
Indigenous Victorian Aboriginal Cultural Research Fellowship VIC Deadline 28 April


Monthly Advice Bank: April 2019

Tue 2 April, 2019, 10am – 2pm.

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If your an artist or arts worker and you need to work within the gallery or on any where within Council either delivering a workshop or hanging your exhibition you will need insurance. Guildhouse and NAVA offer  a great range of products in this area.

From the Guildhouse website you will learn that, “increasingly, insurance is becoming a requirement for artists, whether you are working in the public realm, exhibiting, or selling your work at a market. With many types of insurance available we thought we’d clarify some of the issues around the insurance needs for artists.

You may need insurance if you are undertaking any of the following activities:

• Teaching or leading workshops
• Selling work at markets
• Have visitors to your studio
• Exhibiting work
• Working in the public realm
• Undertaking a residency
• Curating an exhibition
• Working independently in the arts

When taking out any insurance, be sure to read the policy and check for any exclusions that may apply.

What kind of insurance do you need?

Insurance requirements vary and there can be many possibilities to cover.

Public Liability insurance will protect you from any person who makes a claim against you for bodily injury or property damage caused by a negligent action on your part

Product liability insurance offers protection from a claim made against you because of injury or damage caused by negligence or a fault in your product.

Professional indemnity insurance: This will protect you from claims made against you for bodily injury or property damage for the breach of professional obligations or advice given on a professional basis.

Tenants Liability: If you are renting your studio, you may want to be protected from a claim made against you for any damage you may have negligently caused to the property.
It’s important to note that liability and indemnity insurance DOES NOT cover damage to or loss of the work itself. It protects you as the maker.

Building and Contents insurance
If your studio and/or the equipment within it is damaged – possibly by fire, storms, or a break in – having building and contents insurance can help cover the cost of replacement and or repair of damages. Be sure to know the replacement value of the furnishings and equipment in your studio, and the structure itself, when considering building and contents insurance.

Insuring your work
Contents insurance won’t always cover your work and it’s important to be aware that you may need to take out additional insurance or extend your existing policy to cover any art work kept in your studio.
When your work is on loan or in an exhibition it may be insured by the exhibition venue. If not, there are options for covering the work during this time.

Marine transit insurance
If you’re transporting work, perhaps to its new home or to an exhibition, marine transit insurance will insure the work should it be damaged or lost in transit. Marine transit insurance can cover your work when it is being transported a variety of ways including road, rail, air, sea and even registered post.
As always, if considering marine transit insurance, be clear about the value of your work and understand the need to pack your work well if it is being transported somewhere.

What happens if I need to make a claim?

We spoke to Michael Gordon, Account Executive at Local Community Insurance Services and asked what you should do if you need to make a claim.

If you have a policy with LCIS through your Guildhouse membership you can call them during business hours 1300 853 800 or send an email to insurance@LCIS.com.au. LCIS will then lodge the claim on your behalf and the claims team will be in touch to provide further instructions.

Public or Products Liability claim (third party injury or third party property damage)

  • If an injury is caused to a person, seek medical assistance in the first instance.
  • If the incident is third party property damage, try to mitigate any further damage as much as possible (if it is safe to do so).
  • Write a detailed report of the incident including what caused the incident, time/date of the incident and what happened immediately after.
  • Depending on the type of incident take some photos of the general area, damage, signage, safety barriers etc.
  • Record contact details of any witnesses if possible.
  • Notify LCIS as soon as practical after the incident.
  • Complete the Public Liability claim form and email to LCIS with any supporting documents.

The claim form can be found here

Personal Accident Claim (injury to yourself)

  • Seek medical attention in the first instance.
  • Write a detailed report of the incident including what caused the incident, time/date of the incident, what happened immediately after.
  • Record contact details of any witnesses if possible.
  • Notify LCIS as soon as practical after the incident and to receive the required claim form.

Once your claim is lodged, you may also be asked to provide

  • Doctors’ reports – so keep them on file with your incident report and claim form.
  • To claim for loss of income from your arts practice the claim team may require substantiation of your past income. The policy has a 7 day waiting period so you will not be able to claim for the first week after the incident.

Want to find out more?

Guildhouse Accredited or Allied membership offers the following six types of insurance:
• Public Liability (up to $20,000,000)
• Products Liability (up to $20,000,000)
• Professional Indemnity (up to $5,000,000)
• Tenants Liability (up to $20,000,000)
• Goods in Physical and Legal Control (up to $100,000)
• Personal Accident (up to $1000 per week)

If you’re a practicing artist, curator, arts worker, or installer this policy may be suitable for you.
Find out more about this policy and additional marine transit insurance on our website here

When taking out any insurance, be sure to read the policy and understand any exclusions that may apply.

Guildhouse financial members are able to obtain one on one professional development support about many areas of their practice. Contact us for more information” Guildhouse 2019

Toolkit for Artists

Guildhouse Artist Toolkits are there to help you avoid the mistakes and stresses involved with running a creative practice, and to offer insights into all aspects of what it means to manage and grow a creative career. Everything from writing CV to arts admin 101 and insurance is covered.

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Archived Opportunities


We are spreading the word about Art Squad, a project which aims to connect creative people, aged 18-23 living in regional, rural or remote South Australia. Art Squad is for people who want to build their own creative career and make things happen in their own communities.

Art Squad participants will be provided with the support and networks to navigate all the ‘bits’ of creating and delivering a project idea (or more than one) in their own local community. This includes access to the Carclew and Country Arts SA Creative Producer – Alysha Herrmann – through weekly group virtual sessions, fortnightly virtual one-on-ones and an annual group face to face.

The Squad will begin in October 2018 with members from all areas of regional South Australia. Applications close on 12 September.

You can link to our website for more information.

Art Squad is a jointly supported by Carclew and Country Arts SA with funding from the Australia Council, Arts South Australia and the Regional Arts Fund.

Grants SA
Applications for funding for 2018-19 opened on Tuesday 17 July 2018.
In 2017-18, over $3 million in one-off grants was distributed to not for profit community organisations through Grants SA to improve community participation, well-being and quality of life for South Australians.
Upcoming grant rounds and new Guidelines for 2018-19 are now available on the Grants SA website www.dhs.sa.gov.au/grantsSA.
For more information about Grants SA please contact the DHS grants team on 1300 650 985 or email grantsSA@sa.gov.au.

The following categories Independent Makers and Presenters Program Categories closing 5pm Monday 6 August 2018


Individual DevelopmentIndividual Development supports the professional development of individual, independent artists through master classes, workshops, mentorships, attendance at conferences, attachments to arts organisations or participation in arts residencies. http://arts.sa.gov.au/grants/individual-development

Building PathwaysBuilding Pathways assists South Australian artists to build their national and international profile. It supports the development of relationships with influential interstate and international galleries, agents, publishers, producers and presenters. http://arts.sa.gov.au/grants/building-pathways


Project Grants: Project Grants support independent artists in the development of new work and its production or presentation. The grant also assists touring and expansion of markets of new and existing works, regionally, nationally and internationally. http://arts.sa.gov.au/grants/project-grants-impp

Major Commission: The Major Commission grant supports a significant investment in a major new work by a leading South Australian independent artist or group, to be presented in a high profile setting in South Australia. The project must have a significant public outcome and be presented first in South Australia. http://arts.sa.gov.au/grants/major-commission

Fellowships: The Fellowship is open to South Australian artists and practitioners who are recognised as outstanding professionals in their field, and have an extensive track record of artistic practice and recognisable achievement. It enables an artist to undertake a sustained period of creative development that will extend their professional practice and lead to the production and presentation of a significant new work. http://arts.sa.gov.au/grants/fellowship


Grants are available to support arts and cultural activities in regional South Australia that are sustainable, have long term cultural, economic and social benefits, develop partnerships and cultural networks and provide skills development opportunities.

Go to www.countryarts.org.au/grantsfunding/grants for more information.


Keep watching for upcoming Art workshops


 Art Prizes

South Australia

The South Australian Regional Science-Arts Collaboration grants are now open for applications!

Inspiring South Australia are now seeking expressions of interest are from eligible applicants for special funding of up to $10,000 for the development and production of a science communication project that links at least two groups or organisations, including at least one identifying as ‘science’ and one as ‘arts’.

Information and details are now online: https://inspiringsa.org.au/south-australian-regional-science-arts-collaboration-grants/

Expressions of Interest are due 3rd August 2018

Other States

John Leslie Art Prize  (VIC)

One of Australia’s most prestigious prizes for landscape painting and is open to all artist living and working in Australia.

Prize: 21,000

Entries close 10 August, 2018

Visit website for more information

Shirley Hannan National Portrait Award 2018   (NSW)

Entries are now open for the $50,000 non-acquisitive award for realistic portraiture

Entries close midnight, Friday September 14, 2018

Visit website for entry details.