Embroiderers’ Guild of Port Pirie

Webs of Time 2014

This beautifully nationally significant lace collection exhibtion of Karen Blum will coincide with the International World Congress of Lace hosted by the SA Branch of the Australian Lace Guild in 2014.

Cream lace with red, orange and green detail
Ever popular and always beautiful, the remarkable skills of this highly talented group are inspiring. Come along and talk to some of the members about their work.

Hardanger lace

Germain Art Focus

Now and Then

colourful picture of goats on top of gully

Neil Hunn – Goats in the Top of the Gully

Looking back on seven years or work of Germein Art Focus who have exhibited together since 2007.

Harm Folkers, Neil Hann, Anna Herburt, Marek Herburt, Barbara Looby, Jan Pana, Clan Rodda and ineke Van Den Hout

Ross Morgan – Home

An exhibition to engage and inspire young people; some of the steps taken and challenges faced to become a practicing artist from a rural community.

portrait of a man sitting next to a wall

Ross Morgan Self Portrait

Photo of two men at the exhibition

Ross Morgan with Paul Matthews at the exhibition opening

Ross Morgan Website

Not Only the Flinders Rangers

Paintings of the Flinders Ranges and ‘NOT’ the Flinders Ranges in a perenially popular tradition from this group of artists. This exhibition gives the Painters of the Flinders Ranges an opportunity to explore and draw inspiration from other subject matter, ‘not only the Flinders Ranges’.

Painters of the Flinders Ranges – the Group

Artists have admired the grand spectacle of the Flinders Ranges for many hundreds of years, from the original owners of the land through to the modern-day painter, photographer and filmmaker.

The Painters of the Flinders Ranges, since year 2002, have evolved into an eclectic group of professional artists with a wide range of styles: realist to abstract, landscape to portraiture and mediums include pastel, watercolour, ink, acrylic and oil. Be it through painting or drawing, they all share a fascination and respect for this awe inspiring landscape – renowned worldwide for its rugged mountain scenery, deep gorges and tranquil valleys.

The group has enjoyed critical acclaim and wide-spread appreciation throughout the Flinders Ranges and their work is represented in collections throughout Australia and overseas.

Members of our group either currently live or have lived in the Flinders Ranges area or have some affiliation to it. Our aim is to develop the work of these artists and for them to promote a rewarding tourism experience in the form of a yearly exhibition for locals and visitors alike. This exhibition involves 10 artists, each contributing 10 paintings.

It is a requirement that when members are hosting an exhibition promoting the name, “Painters of the Flinders Ranges”, they must be exhibiting paintings which display their own personal interpretation of aspects of the Flinders Ranges.

Peterborough Papier Mache and Wireworks

From Waste to Wonderful

A surprising expression of imagination in wire and paper mache; fantasy creatures, people, animals and birds.

Three men created out of papier mache

Tricia Hall – Chewing the Fat

man with big ears standing on a podium created out of papier mache

Harrison Hitchcock – Dobby

Allen Sparrow

Cooring Way – Desert Dreams

A Port Pirie and Ngarrindjeri man, allen is a self taught Aboriginal artist. He draws on connection to country with colours of the earth. He joins animals in the landscapes, using cross-hatching effects.

He gets inspiration from travelling our country and spending time in the bush and would like to pass on his skills to the younger generation.


aboriginal dot painting

Cedric Varcoe – Waterdreaming

The Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery is proud and honoured to exhibit art works from our local Indigenous community and school students within the region – art work that expresses and tells their story, our story. Art work from all ages, young and old, school students and adults.

The artists were given an opportunity to show and sell their work at Tarpari Wellbeing Day on April 16, a spring board to then exhibit in the Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery 9 May – 22 June – an exhibition dedicated not only to the artists but to the community that has supported the project over many months and the work of the Country Health SA Local Health Network – Port Pirie’s Aboriginal Health Team.

This exhibition will be a celebration of expression, storytelling, community and connection.

Aboriginal painting of a man standing in the middle surrounded by 4 goannas

Allen Sparrow – Goanna Country

Artists include: Duane Woods, Cedric Varcoe, Eleanor Stewart, Karen Williams, Judy Crosby, Annette Dodd, Richard Waye, Allen Sparrow, Merva Varcoe, Justin Goldsmith, Kaye Enalanga, Mary-Anne Scrutton, Chris Dodd, Gladys McKenzie.

dot painting of emu footprints

Duane Woods – Emu Dreaming in Country

The Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery is committed to providing opportunities for our local community to use the gallery space to exhibit and be involved with the development and recognition of art and culture in our community.

dot painting of snake and snake eggs

Judy Crosby – Snake and Egg in Spinifex Country

WINGS – Where do my wings take me?

What does it mean to live with a disability? The concept of wings, flight, imagination, escape and freedom represents an innovative approach to each individual’s perception of their ability.

sponsored by SCOSA and Country Arts SA